200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Transform your life and deepen your practice as you develop the tools to teach yoga with the Yogic Art of Self-Inquiry, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified program offered by Amanda Webster, ERYT-500 & Certified Ayurveda Consultant.

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group at hoomaluhiaNext Oahu immersion/teacher training begins May 2018!

If you live on the Big Island and are interested in a year-long program, please email me!  shivatreeyoga@gmail.com





This training is composed of a variety of monthly workshops and group meetings:

  • Align & Refine Workshops: Develop your own asana practice along with functional and energetic alignment, variations and use of props, anatomy and the mind-body connection.  This direct experience is invaluable and if you decide to teach yoga, will provide a solid foundation from which to share!


  • Flow Immersion Classes: These classes will emphasize an intelligent alignment-based flow practice based upon the eight limbs of yoga, and embodiment of intention and meditation in motion, anatomy, kramas, and breath-oriented transitions.


  • Stress Management & Practical Ayurveda: Ayurveda translates to the “science of life”, and is a 5000+ year old science used to understand how your dosha, or inherent constitution, is affected by the fluctuations of your environment, diet, sensory impressions, level of stress, and relationships.  Cultivate a high quality of awareness and incorporate simple self-care practices into your everyday routine to expand the awareness, energy and contentment that you develop on your yoga mat to all facets of your life!


  • Philosophy 101: Interested in learning the WHY’s and WHAT’s of the greater yoga tradition?  Ready to practice more than asana?  These workshops are for you!  Develop a greater understanding of the origins and the many modern branches of yoga, discuss the eight limbs of yoga and the yoga sutras and figure out how these apply to our daily lives.


  • Teaching Methodology Clinics: A variety of topics such as class preparation, injury prevention, sequencing, adjustments and business considerations of yoga will be covered.   Great for aspiring teachers or as a way for current teachers to refresh your classes or complete continuing education credits.  These hours will be mandatory for completion of Shivatree Yoga School’s  200-hour teacher training.


  • “Sangha” Gatherings: These are group meetings with other training participants oriented towards discussion and Q & A about teaching methodology, readings, assignments, and application of these concepts in daily life.  These are also a great way to establish community and lasting friendships!


  • Specialty Classes & Workshops with Shivatree Approved Teachers: If a workshop is scheduled with one of these teachers during the hours listed above, the workshop price is covered in your program tuition.  If you choose to attend workshops facilitated by these teachers on your own time, these hours will count towards your Yoga Alliance certification but you will need to pay the teacher directly.  Earn up to 30 hours with approved teachers.
    • Bryan Jordan, LMT, Pilates Instructor, Level 2 Reiki, Life Coach and RYT-200: specializing in physical and energetic body work, music and meditation. Bryan often leads workshops, restorative yoga and singing bowls classes, and meditational singing bowl classes.  I recommend attending one of Bryan’s monthly singing bowls classes (not included) which would give you an additional 15 hours).
    • Rupali Embry, 500-ERYT & FDN: 30 years’ experience teaching yoga and leading international teacher trainings; Founder of Blissful Yogini and Yoga Hawaii. Rupali occasionally hosts workshops in Honolulu.
    • More teachers to be announced soon!


  • Mentorship: These hours are flexible and may be tailored to your interests!  This is where you will make up any missed hours.

Tuition:  Suggested tuition is $2500; HOWEVER, I do not want to turn anyone away because of financial constraints, PLEASE see my financial policy here .

  • Training manuals will be included in tuition.
  • Monthly or quarterly payment plans are available.
  • Tuition covers all Oahu workshops and classes listed between May 2018 and July 2019 (excludes retreats).
  • Participants in the teacher training will receive a $100 discount on any 2017 retreats.
  • Amanda reserves the right to relocate the classes if necessary. If an illness or family emergency prevents Amanda from coming to Oahu on a scheduled weekend, we will either re-schedule within 30 days OR Amanda will have one of the approved teachers sub the classes.


Feel free to contact Amanda with questions, at shivatreeyoga@gmail.com or via phone/text at 209-7979.

 Concerned about time constraints, physical ability or finances?  Read this!

Want to learn more?  Meet me at Mindful Matters Wellness Center on Saturday, March 17th at 5:30pm!


First meeting:  Friday, May 4th from 6-8pm in Kailua

We will meet for a potluck, Q & A, distribution of binders and opening ceremony. 


  • This program can be tailored to 1:1 mentorship, private group instruction, or a 10-12 month public workshop format.  Mentorships and private groups may begin at any time; structured public formats are usually offered annually.  I am willing to host trainings on any of the Hawaiian islands.


  • If you would like to begin a 200-hour program with Amanda, please email her at shivatreeyoga@gmail.com or call 808-209-7979.


  • To receive your 200-hour certification, you must attend at least 180 face-to-face hours with Amanda and other select teachers.  This program covers each family of poses, such as forward bends, standing poses and backbends, etc; anatomy, adjustments, contraindications, modifications and benefits of poses; pranayama, mantra, and meditation (including yoga nidra!); basic philosophy of yoga and the yoga sutras; teaching methodology; and the daily and seasonal self-care practices of Ayurveda.  To view a detailed curriculum, click here.


Pictures from our 2015 “playshop”:
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