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A flower bud neither has to be pried apart nor taught to blossom, when it is properly nourished by the elements of nature it will gradually unfold through stages into its own beauty and at its own pace. We too benefit when we align ourselves to nature’s inherent intelligence rather than trying to force ourselves into being or doing something that is inappropriate for our current state or in conflict with our nature.  We benefit by recognizing this true nature and nurturing our growth through the practices we engage in (such as yoga), the food we eat, the environment we choose, the relationships we establish, and the balance we create between work and play.

Unfortunately, most of us in developed countries are disconnected from nature.  We have spent countless years trying to control, ignore, or reverse nature…both on a personal and global scale! Then we wonder why we feel disconnected and out-of-sorts, malcontent, anxious, or ill.  Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient sciences that are still applicable in this modern world because they are founded upon universal principles, such as cause and effect, human nature, and nature versus nurture. These sciences proclaim that quality of health is dependent upon quality of attention and consistent self-inquiry; dependent upon harmony between thought, emotion, action, expression, and relationship; and dependent upon respect of universal principles that can be adapted to each individual for the greatest quality of health.

By offering Ayurveda-related workshops or private sessions, I hope that you learn and apply Ayurvedic principles in a designated space (i.e., the yoga mat) and in your lifestyles, to establish greater harmony and vitality in your lives.  


Ayurveda translates to the “science of life”, and is 5,000+ years old!  Through study and application of Ayurveda, you will understand your constitution, or “dosha”, which is your unchanging mind/body/spirit type, along with the quality of balance in your life which is always in flux.  You will understand how different foods, simple daily rituals (such as oil massage), yoga, sensory impressions, level of stress, relationships and your environment affect your quality of balance and health.  



Ayurveda operates on three principles:

1.“Like” increases “like”

For example, to make cold water colder, add ice (cold).

2.Opposites bring balance

To make cold water warm, add heat.

3.The farther you stray from the natural order of things, the more likely dis-ease is to occur.

Simply put, processed food is not as nutritious as food that is “closer to the source”: unrefined and whole.


Constitutions, or dosha, are determined by dominant proportion of qualities, which are compared to the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth.  See below diagrams for more information:

Elemental Qualities

Click here to see take a quiz and see which dosha best describes you!


1:1 Ayurveda Consultations with Amanda 


  • Tired?

  • Stressed?

  • Stomach aches or nausea?

  • Irritable?

  • Prone to allergies and inflammation?

  • Frequently sick?

  • Have you tried fad diets with success but find them unsustainable?

Reconnect to the natural rhythms of your body with a consultation with Amanda!  Eat better, sleep well, and develop mindful habits to reduce stress and feel more present in all aspects of your life!

These include detailed questionnaires, individualized plans of action, and  email correspondence between sessions.

1st session & treatment plan: $75*

Follow-up sessions (45-minutes or 4 emails):  $50

Package of 5 sessions: $225 (save $25!)

 *What does the cost of sessions cover?

 A consultation is conducted in person, or via phone, email, or Facetime.  On average, I spend two to four HOURS in thought, research and write up of a detailed plan following the first session.  In addition to the face-to-face/phone/virtual meeting itself, every following session a represents an additional hour or two that I spend reviewing or modifying the treatment plan as we go, which is reflected in the cost of sessions.

How can Ayurveda help you?

I have assisted people with re-establishing homeostasis within their own bodies on many different levels! These are some of the conditions I have worked with people to overcome through the application of Ayurveda and yoga:

  • hyper- and hypo-thyroid conditions
  • balance hormones and menstrual or post-menstrual cycles
  • lose weight
  • ease the pain, stiffness or swelling of arthritis
  • eliminate the effects of environmental allergies
  • reduce cholesterol
  • sleep more restfully
  • eat better and eliminate cravings

 The people with the most success following these consultations are the ones who had a consistent yoga practice (2-3x per week) and were ready to “do the work”, so to speak.  They put the suggestions  into PRACTICE, whether addressing their yoga routines or lifestyle habits.  I am here as a resource, to guide you, reinforce,  and offer course corrections when needed.

Ways I may assist you, after we determine your dosha (mind/body/spirit type):

  • Clean out your pantry or refrigerator
  • Provide shopping lists; or go shopping with you!
  • Give you food lists and nutrition recommendations based upon your dosha; this will radically simplify and change the way you view food forever!  No more counting calories and obsessing over indulgences!
  • Instruction on making natural cleaning products for your home
  • Recommend herbal supplements from reliable companies
    •  I will always check for interactions with prescriptions you may be taking or conditions that you may have; I do not “prescribe” supplements, I offer them as a nutritional component and encourage you to speak to a doctor first, if so inclined.
  • Create a “plan of action” and journal/log for your reference (and mine!).
  • Write out a yoga asana sequence, including pranayama and meditation, if you are interested.
  • Want to explore spiritual components? We’ll find a mantra for you to practice, or a book for you to read!
  • Suggest subtle therapies like essential oils and the colors you wear or surround yourself with.


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  1. Hi Amanda!
    Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth. Here I am in the same space as last year when I was at your retreat. Perfect time to cleanse. I’ve already been juice fasting so it is perfect timing. I hope this time of transition has been one filled with blessings and new connections. I miss you.

  2. Colleen Aina says:

    Amanda: wanted to register for the 21 day cleanse.

  3. Sage King says:

    Looking forward to the cleanse!

  4. Kaohi Daniels says:

    Let’s do it. Thank you for offering this cleanse, a great way to re-boot for summer! You’re the best!

  5. Ayurveda is also a system of medicine in the sense that systematized and applies the knowledge about health and diseases

    (i.e)of balanced and unbalanced states of living beings and how unbalanced states can be corrected, restored and balance is

    maintained. Ayurveda embraces all aspects of well being of living creatures- physically, mentally and spiritually.

    According to Ayurveda, health is not merely a state of freedom from ailments or diseases, but rather a state of enjoying uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

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