Big Island Workshops

Big Island Workshops


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Yoga Centered Studio & Boutique in Hilo:


Relax & Renew with Yoga Nidra

Last Saturday of every month!


We will open this workshop with a discussion about the practice of Yoga Nidra, which translates to “the yoga of sleep”. Yoga Nidra, as a science, has been extensively studied and has been successfully used to help people overcome addiction, create physical relaxation, reduce stress, and increase the body’s capacity to heal. After the discussion, we will engage in a brief restorative yoga sequence and then practice Yoga Nidra so you can experience these powerful effects for yourself!  $20


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2014-08-03 17.28.14Headstand, Shoulderstand & the Importance of Your Core

Saturday, November 21st from 1-3pm


1. Identify the primary obstacles, whether physical or mental, to your inversion practice.

2. Learn valuable techniques that help you overcome those obstacles: cues, alignment, use of props, mental preparation, et cetera.
Great for students with an established yoga practice ready to try or refine their inversions practice. Come explore headstand and shoulderstand with an emphasis on the core stability necessary to practice these poses safely. Each of the inversions will be broken into layers (“kramas”) that will enable you to remain in the layer that feels right for you…whether it’s downward-facing dog with feet on the floor, lying down with legs up the wall, or rolling up in the middle of the room! Class will follow a traditional progression: beginning with a sequence designed to warm your bodies, and open up your shoulders and hips; spending a majority of the time preparing for, discussing, and practicing inversions; ending with a cooling series that will prepare you for an extended, relaxing savasana. We will be targeting the core muscles in order to transition in and out of inversions with concentration and control; focusing on alignment to create lightness and ease once upside-down; and addressing the mental or emotional obstacles, such as fear of falling, that may be getting in the way of your inversion practice. Lots of hands-on demonstrations, adjustments and individual feedback! $30