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To purchase a workshop package, see bottom of this page.  Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at Mindful Matters Wellness Center in Kailua.  Unless otherwise listed, suggested contribution is $20 for a workshop and $10 for a class (90 minutes or less).





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Yoga Flow

Saturday, December 9th from 8:30-9-45am

Suggested $10









Live Your Yoga:  Minimalism (documentary & discussion)

Saturday, December 9th from 3:30-5:30pm

Suggested $10

If our yoga practice is aimed at establishing wakefulness in mind, body and breath, how can we reflect this awakened state in our daily life?  This is a question that is always on my mind and in my heart; it is something I hope to embody in teaching and living.  Minimalism is the third in a series of community movie nights that I would like to host, as a way of increasing awareness in regards to “living your yoga”, or in other words, living with intention and awareness.  Minimalism offers a great example of this by incorporating a variety of perspectives and people as they strive to make conscious choices in everyday life (e.g., by examining work-life balance, wants vs needs) without preaching asceticism.  After the movie, we will discuss what we can do to decrease our carbon footprint.  By donation, to cover cost of studio rental.  Feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.







Yang Yin Yoga

Sunday, December 10th from 9-10:30am

 A perfect combination of hatha, flow and restorative, leading to an overall sense of strength, peace and balance.  Suggested $10






Living with Satisfaction (A Mindfulness Workshop)

Sunday, December 10th from 11am-1pm

Suggested $20

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to examine the satisfaction you have towards different aspects of your life, and why.  Using this as a reference, we will explore simple ways to bring more mindfulness and contentment into everyday life, often through simplification of routines, better self-care, practices from Thich Nhat Hanh and integration of Ayurvedic and yogic principles. 






NEW!  Book Club:  Yoga Sutras

Sunday, December 10th from 5-6pm

Suggested $10

Photo Credit: @elysejokinen

What is yoga?!  Yoga means many things to many people; even scholars argue about what yoga entails, where yoga originated, and to which culture yoga belongs.  While these arguments sometimes create conflict, I think this malleability is also one of the most fascinating and beautiful aspects of yoga, and perhaps one of the reasons that yoga is still evolving thousands of years later; this cannot be said about very many things! It is the reason why yoga is considered a “living practice”…it is still alive and growing.  The Yoga Sutras is one of the texts that defines yoga and provides a blueprint for its practice.  The sutras offer a concise yet open-ended framework for yoga, which is an impressive feat considering its fluid nature.  As you define yoga for yourself, develop your own practice or teach yoga to others, it is helpful to understand the philosophical and practical roots of this ancient yet evolving practice….please join us as we systematically read and discuss the Yoga Sutras.  Continuing education credits available to yoga teachers.

We will have monthly meetings, with different reading assignments in-between; feel free to drop into one or all of the discussions!

December:  Introduction to the Yoga Sutras; discussion of verses 1.1. to 1.4, plus assigned reading and journal questions for January.  I recommend using The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda…look for the guy in a  pink robe. 😉






Walk Lightly:Montana Yoga Retreat

June 12-17, 2018

Highlights of the Retreat

  • 5 nights of tranquility at Walking Lightly Ranch
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Beautiful mountain environment
  • Gourmet vegetarian meals 
  • Breathtaking Glacier National Park
  • Charming downtown Whitefish
  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga teachers: earn 50 continuing education credits for this retreat

Holiday Special: Save $50 when you register and submit a deposit BEFORE February 1, 2018.

Click here for details, registration, etc!











Purchase a 5- or 10- workshop package (only valid with Amanda). 

Gift certificates available, too!



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  1. Betty Young says:

    Hi Amanda. I would like to attend the Feb 21 Alignment and Adjustment Clinic. I will be attending your last class at 7:00pm this Sunday at which time I will give you $15 for this clinic. Thank you for giving teachers $5 off. I have recurring L leg pain that have prevented me from fully appreciating your classes. I still teach 2X week and manage with Aleve. I’m presently working with my physician to help alleviate this condition. See you Sunday!

  2. Connie Yoshioka-Kinoshita says:

    Looking forward to class

    • Connie Yoshioka-Kinoshita says:

      Attended yang yin class on April 11th and looking forward to classes this weekend and June

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