• Common Questions regarding the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

     1. If I miss hours, how do I make them up?

    Because I am offering about 400 hours between March 2017 and March 2018 and you only need 270 contact hours, we simply track attendance via a log-in sheet throughout the training. Each student will be required to complete 270 contact hours with me (or approved trainers such as Rupali, Bryan and Jodie) to complete the program, and when you miss hours, you will review the handouts, powerpoints and a summary of what was covered at the end of each monthly module. If you have questions about something you missed, we can address it in class or 1:1. The syllabus is designed with kramas in mind, so if you miss the introduction of a topic, you will not miss out entirely, as we will continue to layer it in throughout the training to paint a comprehensive picture.





    2. What books will we need to purchase & when?

    Required texts include “The Key Muscles of Yoga” by Ray Long, MD and “Upanishads” by Eknath Easwaran.

    I will be pulling a lot of content from the following three books (I’ll make handouts with the passages I use in class), if you are inclined to purchase those: “The Language of Yoga” by Nicolai Bachman, “Mudras for Modern Life” by Swami Saradananda and “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.




    3. I’m not sure what (10/22.5) means on the schedule…what does that mean?

    When you see a number in parenthesis, this is a note to myself regarding the number of contact hours for the 300-program that month/maximum hours available that month. For example, (10/22.5) means that the monthly meeting will consist of 10 hours though I will be offering a total of 22.5 hours that month from which you are able to earn contact hours. The “extra” hours consist of workshops, regular classes, etc. If you miss hours, attending those “extras” help you make-up any time missed.





    4. Is there a final exam (at the end of the 13 months) and/or exams as we go along?

    There are no exams! Your homework assignments will be tailored to short personal practices (usually with an emphasis on pranayama, meditation and self-care) and reading, and throughout the training you will be writing lesson plans (and testing them out in our group meetings!) to create a cohesive binder of class plans…I will explain this more in-depth when we meet in March. However, this project will be tailored to your teaching style, intended demographics, etc. The intention is that you have a personalized resource that you will actually use and be able to extrapolate from as you continue to teach. with experience teaching the plans within the binder so that you can refine as necessary and be REALLY confident about teaching, and to overcome any nervousness that you may have as a teacher.

    I believe that exams are unnecessary as you demonstrate the assimilation of information through discussion, hands-on application and via teaching demonstrations. There will be creative review sessions, and sometimes, even prizes. =)





    5. Is there a discount for paying in full up front?

    Yes, if you pay up front, I’ll offer a $300 discount, bringing your total tuition to $3,200.





    6. Does the cost of the 300 yoga program include all additional classes (i.e. yoga nidra, etc. and all one day retreats in Hawaii)?

    The cost of the program covers ANY classes and workshops that I offer from March 2017 to March 2018 on Oahu. You may participate as a “commuter” in one-day retreats free of charge. And if you attend any retreat before December 2018, you will receive a $100 discount, if I am the sole teacher.




     7. Please explain how to register as a 500-RYT with Yoga Alliance.

    There are two ways to register yourself as a Yoga Alliance 500-RYT:

     Path #1. Take a 200-Hour training, register as a 200-RYT AND THEN complete a 300 hour program. Upon completion, you meet necessary requirements for Yoga Alliance 500-RYT. You do not have to take both programs with the same school or at one time on this path.



    Path #2. Find a 500 Registered Yoga SCHOOL and complete the 500 hours in one track…this is more rare than option #1. Most of you are on path #1.



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