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    You may be dominant in one of the three categories, or find that you are dual dosha…meaning you have almost equal qualities from two of the types.  There is even a rare third type, called tri- dosha, in which your qualities are nearly equal across all three groups…a tri-dosha person tends to be very healthy, though when an imbalance strikes, it may take longer to determine the source of the problem and a proper plan of action.


    The dosha types include: 

    The first dosha listed in a dual-dosha type tends to be slightly more dominant than the other.

    • Vata
    • Pitta
    • Kapha
    • Vata-Pitta
    • Vata-Kapha
    • Pitta-Vata
    • Pitta-Kapha
    • Kapha-Pitta
    • Kapha-Vata
    • Vata-Pitta-Kapha

    Qualities of Each Dosha:








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