• Day 1 of the Fall Cleanse

    Day 1 of cleanse: avoid all processed foods and do all self-care practices.

    If you’re asking yourself, “What cleanse?!”…click here.

    Morning pranayama ✔
    Morning Neti pot ✔
    Morning scraping of tongue ✔
    Morning lemon water✔
    Fresh fruit for breakfast ✔

    Drinking plenty of water (divide body weight by 2, drink that number of ounces)

    Lunch and dinner: lentil soup and vegetables

    Restorative yoga before bed

    Coconut oil application after shower

    You can extend this preparatory no-processed food phase plus self-care routine for up to one week if needed. This is important if you’re not used to doing these practices or need to wean yourself from caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.

    Email me if you have questions: shivatreeyoga@gmail.com

    I’m available for 1:1 consultations in Hilo until Friday, and on Oahu Saturday night and Sunday.

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