• Day 2 & 3 of Fall Cleanse

    Cleanse questions and comments:

    Day 2: Someone asked me where to get Trikatu. Down to Earth no longer carries it, and I usually order it from Organic India or make my own.

    Trikatu Recipe: use finely ground, powder form of these spices in equal proportion. Blend well and scoop into gel capsules (available at DTE and Whole Foods).

    1) black pepper
    2) long pepper
    3) ginger

    Take as directed in the cleanse outline; good for respiratory system and to stimulate metabolism and digestion.

    Day 3: Ayurveda breaks foods into 6 tastes/qualities: Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent.

    In order to completely satisfy the appetite and avoid cravings, you need a little of each taste in every meal. So, in addition to being a complete protein, kitchari has all of these 6 qualities which is one of the reasons it’s used during a cleanse and traditionally, as a main staple of the diet.

    The recipes that are in the booklet can easily be eaten with sautéed greens, rice or quinoa or seasoned with a pinch of salt to satisfy those 6 qualities. For example, in the Ginger Carrot soup:

    1) Carrots and sweet potatoes satisfy the sweet category.
    2) Onions, garlic and ginger satisfy the pungent category.
    3) Fresh herbs satisfy the bitter category.
    4) Lemon juice satisfies the sour category.
    5) Add a pinch of salt to satisfy that category.

    Eat it with quinoa (astringent) to complete the whole profile.

    The Dosha-Specific Food Chart is created from this 6 tastes principle. Each dosha is balanced and aggravated by three categories each.


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