• Essential Oils to Warm your Winter

    20141013_114908Liberty Day (pictured on the far right) is a local massage therapist and entrepreneur who swears by the health benefits of essential oils, and has an inner spark that ignites the joy of those around her.  She will be contributing a regular blog to this website explaining the benefits of essential oils in addition to creatively describing the more subtle effects they inspire.  You can contact Liberty at 808-292-5447.

    These winter oils are warm and grounding…

    Ahhhh…The Minty~cool, warmth of Aromatouch. How do I explain it? It brings a smile to my brain and melts the tension of this busy Holiday season:) I can’t wait to try this one on a willing friend! Even the label on the bottle is a luxurious Aqua teal which matches the rich tones of this sensational essential oil!  Try this combination for grounding out emotions, getting a sense of stabilization in the gut or center and enhancing Intuition ~~~ Aromatouch, Balance, Cypress, White Fir and Cedar wood.  This blend is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe sore joints and increase circulation; topical.


    Cedarwood I have one word for you…Grounding! You have a very grounding scent and on second thought, you are ‘Woodsie” too. You remind me of a meditative walk in the forest where Moss-covered rocks and roots surround me as I watch droplets of water, filtered through rays of sunlight, streaming through the canopy of monkey pods above, drizzle down around me..oooooo, the heady aroma of Cedarwood!  This oil maintains a clear complexion; topical and aromatic.


    White Fir…the name alone speaks of Royalty and White Bengal Tigers! hahaha (Is that too much?!) I’ve sat and breathed in this tangy essential oil with rich undertones, reveling in the creativity that flowed like liquid sumi-ink onto the pages of this journal. This essential oil epitomizes the term “Christmas in a bottle”.  White Fir revitalizes sore muscles and joints and opens the nasal passages for better breathing; aromatic.


    Cypress. The warmth of this oil is Palpable…It starts as a tingling sensation in my field of smell, then courses its way down my chest bringing with it a sense of heart-warming…ness and feeling of expansion, then rests warmly in my belly, filling my Intuition, which the Chinese call the 2nd Brain, with grounding sensations. It’s really more of a feeling than a smell.  Use Cypress to balance an oily complexion or to stimulate energy;  topical and aromatic.


    Balance…The sweet pungent aroma reminds me of Peach Vineyards and Butterflies…funny, since my home is Hawaii, filled with white sand beaches and dappled sunlight…and yet, in this vast moment, filled with possibility, the bubble-blowing child within, longs for a lazy picnic under those peach trees.  🙂  This oil relaxes muscles and joints and creates a feeling of tranquility; aromatic and topical.

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