• FREE! Stress Reduction Seminar with Momi

    Friday, November 25th from 4-6pm

    Mindful Matters Wellness Center in Kailua (Oahu)

    momiAchieving a sense of Harmony and balance in the body as we journey through the concept of the mind-body connection, learn about various stress reduction techniques and explore the therapeutic benefits of Tibetan singing bowls and traditional chanting/singing. 

    During the seminar you will receive information about …  the Mind Body Connection. Specifically how stress is stored in various places of our physical body and how to access the stress or trauma and release it to feel better.

    Attendees can expect…  to engage in a discussion of the various ways in which they access and release stress in their body. As well as a discussion on various techniques or approaches to help an individual improve their ability to relieve stress in their body.

    What will be happening?

    • The first portion of the seminar will be short lecture and group discussion based on above information provided.
    • Second portion will focus on demonstrations of a Mind Body stress reduction technique.
    • Third portion will be complimentary sound therapy treatment using singing bowls. We can title this singing bowls bath. I will preface the bath with a short discussion on how the bowls affect the body. If we wanted to we could consider complementary Acupuncture of one or two needles per person. I would have them sign a short acknowledgement to receive acupuncture in addition to any type of waiver or permission the CrossFit would have them sign.

    What to bring?

    Loose fitting clothes. A willingness and desire to be open and improve quality of life and reduce stress.  The studio has mats, blankets and bolsters.

    About Momi:

    Dawn “Momi” Aiu is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Hawaii as well as a certified neuro emotional technique(NET) practitioner.

    Momi grew up on Oahu and currently resides in Hilo on the big island of Hawaii. Momi is the resident acupuncturist at Valley Medical Center where she specializes in treating patients for stress and pain management related to personal injury and workers compensation cases.

    She also holds a private practice where she focuses on trauma-based healing and specific stress reduction techniques combining the best of western and eastern therapies to harmonize mind body and spirit.

    Her skill set allows her to take the patient on a journey to safely and gracefully release stress in their Mind Body Connection. Patients come out feeling more clear about their life and a sense of calm and ease.

    On November 25th, she will be offering a complementary seminar on discussing the mind body connection and why understanding this connection is essential to reducing stress in your life.  She will be avaliable in December for private, one on one therapy.

    To find out more detail and how to schedule an appointment please contact Momi at 808-282-6458

    Treatments will include Mind Body stress reduction technique (NET) coupled with very gentle acupuncture treatments and guided meditation and tailored singing bowl treatment.

    Those seeking to reduce stress in their life and/or pain connected to stress or injury would greatly benefit from receiving initial and follow-up treatments.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to gain some clarity in your life , reduce overall stress levels and be able to identify the next steps in your personal healing process. 

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