• FREE 21-Day Summer Cleanse


    Forget fad diets and expensive supplements! June 8th is the start date for the FREE online 21-day Summer Cleanse, more of an eating makeover! Click here for more information: www.shivatreeyoga.com/ayurveda-consultations

    Follow on Facebook, email or on the website for weekly tutorials, recipes, and tips! While the intention is to eat better, increase energy and become healthier, side effects may include weight loss, better sleep, and greater contentment!

    This program will be based on the practical 5,000 year-old principles of Ayurveda, which Amanda is well-versed in and has used to successfully help people lose weight, balance thyroid conditions, reduce pain, eliminate cravings, and sleep better…to name a few!

    If you plan on participating, I encourage you to purchase Triphala capsules (stocked at Down to Earth or available from OrganicIndia.com) in the next week or so. The first week will focus upon reducing caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods by half. Stock up on whole foods such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, coconut oil and grains before June 8th…a more specific shopping list will be posted by June 1st for those of you who want a little more guidance!

    As Ayurveda is based upon constitution, I encourage you to take this quiz and read more here: www.shivatreeyoga.com/constitution.

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