• To the Hilo High Vikings: Congratulations!

    Congratulations on your win!  On the way to the game last night, a phrase kept circling through my head:  “Heads, hearts and hands”…to me, this meant that you needed to keep your heads in the game; play with heart and a burning desire to win; and to act with skill and teamwork, drawing upon all of the hard work and discipline you have established this season.  And you did!  You didn’t hang your heads when a pass was incomplete or things didn’t go as expected; instead, you recomposed yourselves and tried again.  You exhibited you strong character in your interactions with one another and the other team.  You ALL played well and as a unit.   It was wonderful to watch all of the pieces fall into place so beautifully!  


    People tend to associate the word “yoga” with a practice that occurs on a mat in a studio and involves stretching.  But those qualities are NOWHERE in the definition of yoga. That’s only one facet of the practice, and it doesn’t need to happen on a mat or in a studio…as you know!  Having a specific space and type of practice definitely helps, but remember that yoga means “to yoke or to unite”, and any type of practice/ritual/lifestyle that fosters self-awareness, attentiveness, empathy, presence, steadiness of character, healthier bodies and clearer minds can evoke that state of yoga.  Most of us spend way more time at school, work or home than on the mat or on the football field…it is just as imperative (if not more!) that the yoga happens in those domains, too…And as we were driving home from the game last night, I kept thinking that YOU GUYS are some of the best yogis I have ever met!  


    May you continue to join head, hearts and hands as you continue to the state finals!  Much aloha and many blessings as you finish the season.

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  1. Luana M Lavatai says:

    Thank you so much for your time and dedication in helping our Viks learn how to maintain heathier bodies and clearer minds!!!

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