• Hilo High Vikings: Knee Stability

    Three Poses to Stabilize Your Knees:

    During yoga sessions this week we are going to focus on standing poses in order to strengthen and stabilize your knees.  This, along with the poses listed below, also complement the work we do to relieve the lower back, tight hamstrings and sore shoulders.  Congratulations on another game well-played! 





    This can be practiced without support beneath the lower back, but make sure to align you feet and knees hip-width apart and facing forward (e.g., no outer or inner rotation of feet)








    Keep your standing leg strong but avoid locking your knee.







    Source: yogajournal.com

    Warrior 2

    Stack your front knee over your ankle, keep your toes and knee cap facing forward.  Your back leg should remain strong but again, avoid locking your knee.








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