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NEW!  Home Study Courses:

Want to learn more about the philosophical or scientific aspects of yoga?  Interested in Ayurveda as a tool to greater self-awareness?  This is a great way to deepen your yoga practice, figure out what teachers mean when they say “take yoga off of your mat and into your life”, or to prepare yourself for taking a teacher training!  Each course includes a 20-30 page booklet, question and answer sections,  practical application, additional resources such as home practices, and correspondence with Amanda to help you individualize this information to your own needs.  $60

$60 per course or $100 for both

Upon registration and payment, you will receive an introductory questionnaire which you will return to Amanda.  Upon completion of questionnaire, the PDF booklet will be emailed to you.

Course #1:  The Modern Application of the Eight Limbs of Yoga

Learn about the origins of yoga and the Yoga Sutras, then dive deep into the study of the eight limbs of practice which are precepts on how to expand your awareness both on the yoga mat and off for a healthy body and peaceful mind:

1.Cultivating compassion in our self-care practices.

2.Cultivating compassion towards others.

3.Moving intelligently

4.Breathing well

5.Focusing our senses

6.Being present


Course #2:  Ayurveda Practices for Everyday Life

Ayurveda translates to the “Science of Life”.  This course includes a basic overview of Ayurveda principles and an individual constitutional assessment.  You will learn how to honor your constitution in everyday life for high-quality health, with an emphasis on your daily routines, self-care practices, eating habits, and sleep-wake cycles.

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