• Day 4 of the Fall Cleanse: “Processed foods”


    How is the cleanse going?  Who is planning on completing a whole week?

    I am writing tonight to clarify something:  “processed foods”.


    Some people define any foods not found in their natural state as “processed foods”. For example, with this mindset, if you bake a fresh apple, it’s now a processed food.  My definition is more practical and for our purposes, processed foods are defined as non-organic pre-packaged foods that have added preservatives, food coloring, et cetera.  Think potato chips, pasta, soda, flour, lunch meat and condiments such as mayo or shoyu…often time these convenience foods do not resemble their natural state in any way, shape or form.

    Yes, during the cleanse you should eliminate these completely and then limit them as much as possible in your daily life.  When you do choose to eat them, try to find convenience food with the least amount of additives possible.

    Yes, eating this way may require more planning and actual cooking beyond a microwave, but your body will thank you!

    And no, this doesn’t have to increase your monthly food budget! For example, a single bag of inexpensive lentils and rice can last a long time and be prepared in a variety of ways with different vegetables and spices.  The recipes included in the cleanse manual are just a tip of the iceberg!  Starting Sunday, I will begin posting one recipe per week to the “Lifestyle” page and to Facebook, and if you have some to share, please send them my way or post them to those pages yourself.


    Wishing you good health!


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