• What is Sankalpa?

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    Last weekend I taught about Sankalpa (a big-picture intention that you are wholeheartedly committed to). It was refreshing to revisit this idea, and I feel like I could have offered more information about this idea, so here goes….

    This summer has been a reminder that the important things in life are a sequence of the everyday “small” moments strung together over time.

    Like visits with friends and family. Eye contact. A smile, hug or phone call shared with a loved one. A quality cup of tea. A good book. A cool night and starry sky following a hot day. A hot day spent at the beach or in a pool. Taking one step closer to a long-term goal. Disconnecting from technology for an hour, or a day. Immersing yourself into a really good yoga practice. Being of service to others….

    What do your small moments entail? Are you making sure to include them in your daily routines? If not, what’s holding you back? How can you make more space for your important moments?

    As full as my schedule has been, it’s felt like something was missing. I’ve felt a little flat. A couple of months ago, I realized service was missing. Lo and behold, a service opportunity recently appeared. Unsurprisingly! Lol.

    The other thing I’ve been sitting with is uncertainty about what’s “next”. I’m ok with uncertainty. Actually, I find it exciting! Part of this “next” phase is finishing school, further shaping my kids homeschool education, and wondering how this yoga thing will continue to unfold. I’d REALLY like it to include more travel (and more time with my mainland family)…and the integration of yoga and psychology. Thank you Koa Asam for giving me a little glimpse into what that may look like, and by doing so, reinforcing the vision I have, regardless of the ways this unfolds.

    Do you have a vision or a purpose that’s been put aside or buried under daily responsibilities? How can you make more space for that intention? Or take the next step forward? What do you want that to look like? Put this intention out there…share it with a friend, pray, meditate, invite it into your everyday life in some small way…whatever speaks to you.  Feel free to comment below if you have incorporated this into your life or practice in some way!

    May you be filled with purpose, contentment and well-being!

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