• New Year’s Special: Save $100!

    Happy New Year…and good riddance 2016!  Who’s with me on that?!  I am offering a limited-time discount on the May Montana retreat – see bottom of page – which I would like to preface with an explanation…

    I rarely set new year’s resolutions, but I have an annual practice of reflecting upon the previous year as the current year concludes.  In retrospect, I often assign a theme to the previous year and examine the lessons provided during that time.  2016 was definitely full of them!  Amidst the drastic and unexpected ups and downs that have characterized the past year, I have labeled it the Year of Revelation.  The experiences of the last year have put my face-to-face with my own strength, faith and willingness to finish things that have been left undone while wholeheartedly continuing along this path that I so appreciate!

    I made the commitment to stop putting myself last and consequently, I will be returning to college next week in order to finish my BA in Psychology! I only need 30 credits to fulfill these requirements, and then in the next few years I would like to enroll in a Master’s Degree program for Marriage and Family Therapy.  It is NOT a deviation from the path I am on, it will simply allow me to pick up something I loved and put aside while my children were young and to offer another avenue of integrating yoga and Western techniques for  mind-body-spirit wellness on the individual and community level in which I am passionate about.

    Ok, so what does that have to do with a discount on the Montana Open Heart, Open Mind Retreat?!  The money I had set aside for a retreat deposit is now being directed to my college tuition deposit.  Therefore, if you would like to participate in this retreat, TEN of you must make an investment before January 11th, 2017!  I’m going to come back to that in a moment.


    Here’s the offer:  Submit your $200 deposit before January 11th, and receive $100 off of your retreat package. 

    Register here!

    This is applicable towards any type of lodging listed.

    If ten of you take advantage of this savings, I will send the retreat center the deposit, your deposits will be non-refundable, and it will be officially on the calendar.

    If there are not enough RSVPs before January 11th, I will remove this event from the calendar and you will receive a full refund by 1/15/17.


    Seriously though, this retreat is going to be absolutely amazing!  Wide open spaces, forests and clear beautiful glacial lakes everywhere, Glaciers National Park, well-rounded and inspirational yoga practices drawn from the teachings of the Upanishads, and as always, an opportunity for you to both reconnect and rejuvenate!

    View the details of the retreat here, including schedule, recommended airports, shuttles, lodging options, pictures of the property, etc.

    A note regarding retreat planning:

    In years past, I have used personal income to make retreat deposits.  I host retreats because I am inspired by the joy and serenity and humanity that we all connect to during these events.   At the same time, one of the most gut-twisting stressors I experience every year is accumulating enough money in advance to submit a deposit and then fervently (desperately?!) praying that I won’t lose thousands of dollars.  If I break even, I’m ok with that.  The most I’ve ever profited from a retreat I’ve led by myself is $500.  Profit is NOT my inspiration.  It’s about YOU.  It’s about US.  It’s about the practices and activities that remind us about Self and Others.  So this year, I am not going to take on that stressor; if you want to do a retreat, let’s make it happen; and if not, let’s try again next year!  Much love and aloha!

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  1. Rupali Embry says:

    You’re awesome, Amanda. Love this. I can’t make it this time as I’m teaching myself in Japan in May but it looks AMAZING and I want to join you in the future for sure! 💕💝💕

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