• Teacher Feature: Amy Harris

    Meet Amy!

    Since a young age, Amy has had an intuitive way of connecting with others in a deep and meaningful way. Amy was born in Michigan and her travels have led her to live and study in Hawaii and California, in which she has a B.A. in Women’s Studies & Communication Studies, and a M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology. Amy studied the Integral Yoga philosophy within her psychology field at California Institute of Integral Studies. As she relocated to Hawaii she began her certification in the practice of Women’s Yoga and as a Women’s Gathering Facilitator. Her life’s path is to bring connectivity through mind, body, spirit and earth channeling through the divine feminine. Through unconditional love her wish is to celebrate and heal the feminine essence in all beings through compassion, awareness and empowerment. She is the founder of Full Circle Healing Hawaii LLC, a consulting and counseling practice for women, children and families, the co-founder of Sophia Sisterhood Retreats and is now a certified Women’s Yoga teacher. Amy is also completing her 200RYT with Shivatree Yoga School. Amy loves reading, connecting with friends & family, dancing, yoga practices, swimming in the ocean, basking in the sun, traveling & going on adventures.


    Amy teaches Women’s Yoga every Tuesday at 6:00-7:15pm at Mindful Matters in Kailua, and every last Saturday of the month at 9:00-10:15am at Olanani AcuOasis in Kailua.


    What is Women’s Yoga?

    Women’s Yoga is soft and intuitive. It guides us through gentle yet powerful movements that help us soften and center. Classes are combined with healing touch, meditation and poetry to nourish both body and spirit.
    ‘Coming to a Women’s Yoga class is a moment for you to step back. Take a breath. Store up on the Female Spirit-energy. To be in a space where nothing is demanded of you. When you don’t try to fit into anything, but instead let the guidance come from within. Women’s Yoga is a place that nurtures everything that has been called female throughout history: softness, nurturing, life-giving, compassion, community and intuitiveness. Reconnect with your female spirit and see how this easy, lush, deep softness will gently transform your sense of being alive.’  -Matilda, Founder of Women’s Yoga

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  1. Suzy Gavin says:

    I Went to Amy’s Saturday class and Experienced the joy of sisterhood! I’m looking forward to more classes with Amy 💟

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