• To the Hilo High Vikings: Three MORE poses for back pain

    Congratulations on your fifth championship win!  May this be a continuation of a winning tradition that will persist for many years to come!

    Today I would like to address back pain again, as many of you said your backs are sore.  Remember, that to prevent or recover from back pain (or any pain!) it is important to practice at least two or three times a week…a few minutes each morning or evening will help tremendously, and you can easily do these on your own.  Taking care of your health is YOUR responsibility, and this stage in your life is the perfect time to establish good health practices!

    #1:  Cat and Cow.  I know it sometimes feels and looks ridiculous, but practice these movements every day!  These movements are helpful for your neck, shoulders, back and hips.  Not only do you wear your body down in practice, sitting at a desk for 6+ hours at school contributes to poor posture and back pain, too.  Practice at least 10 cycles of cat/cow.

    #2:  Plank on your forearms.  In order to alleviate back pain, it is important to keep the core strong.  Remember to keep your hips and shoulders in alignment (or hips a few inches higher than shoulders without creating a triangle shape); avoid letting your hips sag below the line of your shoulders, which can further exacerbate back pain.  Hold forearm plank for 30 seconds to one minute each; practice two or three times.

    #3:  Legs up the wall.  This is a simple restorative pose that stabilizes your lower back and pelvis.  Lay on the floor with your buttocks as close to the wall as you can manage, swing your legs up the wall (or the edge of a couch, bed, coffee table, etc), relax and breathe deeply for several minutes.





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