• To the Hilo High Vikings: Three Poses for Back Pain

    Three Poses for Back Pain:

    Many of you have spoken of chronic back pain, so I would like to address that in this week’s newsletter.  In addition to the effects of playing football, back pain is generally intensified by sitting in a chair with poor posture every day or lack of exercise.  Strengthening the abdominal muscles and stabilizing the hips (this is why I demonstrate internal, neutral and external hip rotation so frequently!) will help alleviate and prevent chronic back pain.  Just as you regularly practice football to maintain your skills and athleticism, it is important to regularly move and stretch in a mindful way to maintain the health of your body both now and long-term.


    We often practice these in our yoga sessions, but here are three simple poses you can do on your own if you really want your back pain to go away.  I recommend doing these at least twice every day, staying in each position for one to three minutes.  Breathe slowly and evenly:  try inhaling for a count of six and exhaling for a count of eight.























    Child’s Pose

    Practice with your knees together.



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